Thursday , September 20 2018
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Catch Home Sweet Home Trailer featuring a tangible Family Drama

Home Sweet Home

Sweet Home the M Town film happens to be the much awaited film for the Marathi Cinema goers. Teh film is directed by Hrishikesh Joshi who happens to be a director cum actor in M Town. So, the makers have finally made the trailer of the film out in the …

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‘पार्टी’चा धम्माल ट्रेलर लॉच

PARTY movie poster

  ‘मैत्रीसाठी काहीही…’ असे म्हणणारे अनेकजण जेव्हा नोकरी धंद्याला लागतात, तेव्हा मैत्रीच्या आणाभाका ते कधीच मागे विसरतात ! भविष्याच्या तरतुदीसाठी आपापल्या रस्त्यावर लागलेली हि सर्व मित्र मग केवळ आठवणीच्या कुपीत किंवा एका फोटोच्या चौकटीतच सीमित राहतात. अश्या या सर्व मित्रांना पुन्हा एकदा एकत्र येण्यास प्रवृत्त करणारा ‘पार्टी’ हा सिनेमा प्रेक्षकांच्या …

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Catch Take Care Good Night (TCGN) Teaser that seems to be a New Age Thriller in M Town

Take Care Good Night

It seems that the M Town is not short of using English tag lines as their title for their films and we have yet another joining  in such a bandwagon of films. The makers of the film Take Care Good Night is back with the teaser after releasing a few …

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Catch Marathi Movie Savita Damodar Paranjape Trailer : Enjoy The Horror Treat

Savita Damodar Paranjape Trailer

The M Town is popular for giving content driven movies. And a number of Bollywood stars too have got attracted towards several movies with the kind of content it offers. In fact, in the recent times we have seen a couple of B Town actors too getting engrossed in M …

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Watch 31 Divas Trailer featuring a Unique Theme

31 Divas marathi movie

The Marathi film 31 Divas happens to be the most anticipated film for the unique theme and content. As we see the M Town embarking upon a number of films with different genre and good content this film is certainly not an exception for sure. Though the audiences are not …

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Catch Chumbak Trailer featuring both Funny and Heartfelt sequences

Chumbak Trailer

  The M Town as we know has been in a great form to see too many films releasing too often and every Friday of a passing week. Come this Friday and we have two movies releasing while the upcoming list of Marathi movie seems to be bigger this year as compared to the …

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‘पिप्सी’चे सप्तरंगी गाणे प्रदर्शित


   लहान मुलांच्या भावविश्वावर आधारित असलेल्या ‘पिप्सी’ या आगामी सिनेमातील एक रंगबेरंगी गाणे, नुकतेच सोशल नेट्वर्किंग साईटवर लाँच करण्यात आले. चानी आणि बाळूच्या निरागस मैत्रीवर आधारित असलेल्या, या सिनेमातील ‘ता ना पि हि नि पा जा’ हे इंद्रधनुष्याच्या रंगाची उधळण करणारे गाणे, बालमनाला भुरळ पाडणारे आहे. लॅन्डमार्क फिल्म्सच्या विधि कासलीवाल निर्मित आणि प्रस्तुत ‘पिप्सी’ सिनेमातील या सप्तरंगी गाण्याचे लिखाण ओमकार कुलकर्णी यांचे आहे. या गाण्याची पडद्यामागील गोष्ट म्हणजे, हे गाणे बनविण्याआधीच त्याचे …

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Catch the Marathi Movie Youngraad Trailer featuring young star cast

Youngraad marathi movie

Remember Makarand Mane who happens to be a national award winning director called Ringan, he is back again with another film in M Town and it is called Youngraad. The trailer of the film was released earlier, and the film was jointly produced by Vitthal Patil and Gautam Gupta under …

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Catch the Mesmerizing Trailer of Marathi film Pushpak Viman

Pushpak Viman Teaser

We love our grandparents a lot and keep them always hold a special place in our lives and hearts and one the ones who have become the grandparents for them to their grandchildren are also seen becoming very much special! ‘Pushpak Viman’ is one such movie that has dealt with …

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Catch The trailer of M Town film Bedhadak Trailer featuring Action Packed Storytelling!

Bedhadak marathi movie

  The M Town films these days have lots of stuff to enjoy. The filmmakers in the M Town seem to be doing a lot of stuff making films on a wide range of genre. The Marathi Cinema has loads of stuff to give to its audience and now we …

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