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Catch The trailer of M Town film Bedhadak Trailer featuring Action Packed Storytelling!

Bedhadak marathi movie

  The M Town films these days have lots of stuff to enjoy. The filmmakers in the M Town seem to be doing a lot of stuff making films on a wide range of genre. The Marathi Cinema has loads of stuff to give to its audience and now we …

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Ranangan Box Office Collection what’s the story in Pune, Kolhapur and Aurangabad!

Ranangan Box Office Collection

The M Town as we know is not short these days with good movies. We have seen one movie coming and then going, while the much awaited M Town film called Rangangan has hit the screen in a big way. The film has opened with a decent box office collection …

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Catch the Ranangan Trailer find out the good and the evil in it

Ranangan movie trailer

Here comes the Ranangan trailer the film that embarked  amidst all the evil and good story. The film has the big stars of M Town including the young and talented actor Swapnil Joshi and Sachin Pilgaonkar who are seen against each other that seems to be an highly awaited Marathi …

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Avdhoot Gupte heats up this summer with his new song ‘Naad Karaycha Naay’ from Ranangan

Swwapnil Joshi and Sachin Pilgaonkar starrer ‘Ranangan’ movie launched its new power pack song ‘NaadKaraycha Nay’ by AvdhootGupte. He is always known for his quirky style of music but what draws more attention is that he has sung the song in two different voices. This grand song is performed by …

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Ranangan shubh start with their first song launch of lord Ganesha choreographed by Ganesh Acharya

Ranangan Marathi Movie

‘Ganesha’ a deity symbolizes a new beginnings a new era and we always tend to connect ourselves with god through music. There are many songs written and sung praising Lord Ganesha and now one more song from movie Ranangan ’Vinayaka Gajanana’ has been launched which entirely portrays a different emotion. …

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Catch Shikari Movie Teaser featuring somewhere like A Grade Film?

Shikari Movie

As we catch the teaser of the M Town film called Shikari, it would confuse you in some way or the other apart from giving less space to judge a film completely. However, we cannot just stop to be a bit curious regarding the director Viju Mane’s film ‘Shikari’. The …

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Catch Asehi Ekada Vhave Trailer featuring a Refreshing saga of Love & Romance!

असेही एकदा व्हावे

The M Town film ‘Asehi Ekda Vhave’ which is produced under the banner Zelu Entertainment is directed by Sushrut Bhagwat is all set to release soon. The film has Tejashri Pradhan and Umesh Kamat which is slated to release on 6th April. The makers of film have released the trailer that …

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Sachin and Swwapnil to face off on Ranangan

RANANGAN Marathi Movie Poster

Since the news was published, curiosity among the audience built day by day that Sachin Pilgaonkar and Swwapnil Joshi are playing reel life father and son and now the excitement has reached its epitome with the teaser launch of their forthcoming movie ‘Ranangan’. Ranangan is bringing the duo back together …

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आता युध्द अटळ म्हणत स्वप्नीलने फुंकला ‘रणांगण’चा बिगुल

RANANGAN Marathi Movie Poster

सध्या छोटा पडदा गाजवत असलेली सचिन – स्वप्नील ची नंबर वन जोडी पुन्हा एकदा मोठ्या पडद्यावर आपली कमाल दाखवण्यासाठी सज्ज झाली आहे. नुकताच लाँच झालेल्या रणांगण चित्रपटाच्या टीझरमधून आतापर्यंत सोबत असणारी ही जोडी आता एकमेकांविरोधात उभी ठाकल्याचं लक्षात येतं आहे. एवढंच नाही तर सचिनजींना पितासमान मानणाऱ्या स्वप्नीलने चक्क सचिनजींविरोधात युध्द …

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Catch Loose Control Trailer A Comical film worth catching

Loose Control

Though one may call this M Town film to be adult or sex comedy film yet as you check the trailer one can get a feeling that it is nothing but a situational comedy movie. The theme of the film seems to be very much relevant in current times, while …

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