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‘स्माईल प्लीज’ची ‘इंडियन फिल्म फेस्टिवल’ मेलबर्न मध्ये निवड


जगण्याची नवी दिशा देणाऱ्या ‘स्माईल प्लीज’ या चित्रपटाची मेलबर्न येथे होणाऱ्या इंडियन फिल्म फेस्टिवलमध्ये अधिकृत निवड झाली आहे. ‘स्माईल प्लीज’ चित्रपटासाठी हा एक सन्मानच आहे. जगण्याला आणि स्वप्नांना खऱ्या अर्थाने नवीन परिभाषा देणारा हा चित्रपट नक्कीच सर्वांसाठी प्रेरणास्रोत ठरणार आहे. आता तर मानाच्या समजल्या जाणारा आणि मेलबर्न मध्ये संपन्न होणाऱ्या …

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राजश्रीच्या ‘यु टर्न’ मध्ये हटके खटके

Sayli Sanjiv, Om prakash Shinde

असं म्हणतात,की लग्नाच्या गाठी या स्वर्गात बांधल्या जातात. इथे फक्त त्या निभावाव्या लागतात. हे नातं जपताना कधी त्यात भरभरून प्रेम असतं, तर कधी रुसवेफुगवे, कधी जवळीक असते, तर कधी दुरावाही. प्रेमातील असे चढउतार घेऊन राजश्री मराठीची ‘यु टर्न’ ही वेबसिरीज लवकरच आपल्या भेटीला येणार आहे. नुकताच ‘यु टर्न’चा ट्रेलर सोशल …

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Aggabai Sasubai Zee Marathi Serial

Aggabai Sasubai TV Serial

Aggabai Sasubai TV Show : Director – Ajay Mayekar Star Cast – Tejashree Pradhan, Nivedita Saraf, and Dr. Girish Oak Genre – Family Drama TV Chanel – Zee Marathi Time – 8:30 p.m Release Date – 22nd July 2019 The popular Marathi TV channel called Zee Marathi is back in …

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WhatsApp Love Marathi Movie Review : Fiction Prevails Over Reality bring the film fall flat over the ground

WhatsApp Love Marathi Movie Review

WhatsApp Love Marathi Movie Review Director -Hemantkumar Mahale Genre : Drama and Romance Producer : Hemantkumar Mahale Production Studio : HMG Entertainments Star Cast : Raqesh Bapat, Anuja Sathe, Pallavi Shetty  and Sareh Far Story : Hemantkumar Mahale Screenplay and Dialogues : Ajita Kale Cinematography (DOP) : Suresh Suvarna Rating …

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Takatak 1st Weekend Box Office Collection

Takatak box office

For the M Town, it was a busy Friday as we had two films releasing the same day. This certainly included Takatak the comedy-drama movie. The Milind Kawde film which is often known to be based on adult comedy had an okay star cast, which seemed to have a low …

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Miss U Mister First Weekend box office

Miss U Mister box office

  The Marathi film had a busy weekend this time with two films releasing. One of the films includes Miss U Mister. The film has an interesting story that has helped the movie to get a decent review. The film managed to get a decent rating at the box office …

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Mrs Mukhyamantri

mrs mukhyamantri zee marathi

Mrs Mukhyamantri TV Show : Star Cast – Amruta Dhongde and Tejas Barve TV Channel – Zee Marathi Genre – Fiction Drama Time – 7 pm Production Studio – Vajra Productions Release Date – 24th June Synopsis: The popular TV Channel – Zee Marathi is back in news and this …

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‘Shrinivas Kulkarni’ received IMDb’s Star Contributor Award for Contribution Towards Marathi Films

shrinivas kulkarni and col needham

When you search for a celeb or a movie title and a page of IMDb pops up in the search. Ever wondered who put that information in there?, Who creates those pages or updates these pages? Shrinivas Kulkarni from Pune, Maharashtra is one such person who creates and updates IMDb …

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Madhuri Dixit’s To Embark upon as a producer for Netflix

Madhuri Dixit

After trying her luck in M Town film Bucket List, the Dhak Dhak Girl is back with another Marathi venture but this time she is not coming out as an actress but a producer of the film called 15th August. The film is slated to hit the streaming platform Netflix …

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Author Ronnessa Brown

Author Ronnessa Brown

Name: Ronnessa Brown DOB: 22nd Jan 1984 Birthplace: Washington D.C Profession: Author Ronnessa Brown is a known author and entrepreneur born and raised in Washington D.C. She defied odds as a struggling teen mom who worked multiple jobs to provide for her family. Her determination and commitment to being successful are how …

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