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Razzakar Box Office Collection


Raj Durge directed historical drama , Razzakar , hit the theatres this Friday. The low profile film , with only Sidharth Jadav being the leading star, attracted a few number of audience. The film had a poor show in all the theatres across the state. Mumbai and Pune which are …

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Razakar Movie Review

Razzakar posters

Critic Rating: *** Sidharth Jadhav starrer Razakar is a well knit story that belongs to the era of independence of India. After India got its independence, the Nizam  in Hyderabad held on to his independent status as the princley state till the end. This resistance by the Nizam was not …

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Chitrafit 3.0 Megapixel Marathi Movie Review

Chitrafit 3.0 Megapixel

Sex sells like hot cakes in our times. And so we have another film with sleazy skin show in the form of Chitrafit 3.0 megapixel. Although the film claims to be carrying a social message for the young generation against pervert acts , you find that the message is blurred …

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Mitwaa Movie Review

swapnil joshi mitwa

Ratings : *** The Marathi Cinema is not known to embark with too many films; however, the Marathi film lovers were lucky to catch one of it this Valentine’s week. Mitwaa is directed by Swapna Waghmare-Joshi, while it is produced by slew of people – Meenakshi Sagar, Amrit Sagar, Akash …

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Baji Marathi Movie Review : Wonderful Performance By Shreyas Talpade

Baji Marathi Movie Review

Ratings : *** A superhero tale from the folklore and inspirations from many Hollywood films. That is Shreyas Talpade starrer Baji all about. What is left for the audience is the message that Marathi cinema’s first attempt at Superhero flick fails to impress even the ordinary audience. But the film …

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Ek Tara Movie Review

Ek Tara

Cast : Avadhoot Gupte , Santosh Juvekar, Tejaswini Pandit and Urmila Nimbalkar Director : Avadhoot Gupte Ratings : *** Avadhoot Gupte’s Ek Tara takes inspiration from Bollywood film Imtiaz Ali’s Rockstar. The world of glitz and glamour misleads a young singing star , Mauli , and lands him in a …

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Balkadu Movie Review

balkadu reviews

Balasaheb Thackeray’s contribution to politics in Maharashtra and his emergence as a major leading figure promoting Marathi Manoos forms the subject of Balkadu which is a tribute to the influential personality. The film comes as a disappointment to the fans and followers of the legendary leader because it has not …

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Classmates Marathi Movie Review

classmates review

Ratings : *** Aditya Sarpotdar directed, Classmates is a thriller drama replete with elements of suspense but at the same time there is oodles of romance and fun. Sai Tamhankar and Ankush Chaudhary play the leads in this campus drama. Sachit Patil and Sonalee Kulkarni are also seen playing pivotal …

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Lokmanya – Ek Yugpurush Movie Review

Lokmanya Ek Yug Purush review

Lokmanya Tilak, the exemplary Indian freedom fighter who laid down many innovative systems in the society has been portrayed on the screen by Subhodh Bhave in Lokmanya – Ek Yugpurush. It is a sincere effort on the part of the film makers to bring to light the valuable contribution of …

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Avatarachi Goshta Review

avatarachi goshta

Ratings : **** Avatarachi Gosht is the story of a young boy and his best friend. They both indulgence in an innocent game which eventually leads to a thrilling climax. Kaustubh , a young boy is fascinated by the stories by his grandmother. He intently listens to the stories of …

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