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Top 5 Marathi Films of 2017 You Must Watch

The year 2017 has been a sad year for the entertainment sector particularly for the M Town. Thanks to the menace of demonetization and then the GST that bite the economy giving losses in different industries and entertainment industry is certainly not an exception. But that doesn’t mean that the …

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Watch 31 Divas Trailer featuring a Unique Theme

31 Divas marathi movie

The Marathi film 31 Divas happens to be the most anticipated film for the unique theme and content. As we see the M Town embarking upon a number of films with different genre and good content this film is certainly not an exception for sure. Though the audiences are not …

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Catch Chumbak Trailer featuring both Funny and Heartfelt sequences

Chumbak Trailer

  The M Town as we know has been in a great form to see too many films releasing too often and every Friday of a passing week. Come this Friday and we have two movies releasing while the upcoming list of Marathi movie seems to be bigger this year as compared to the …

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‘पिप्सी’चे सप्तरंगी गाणे प्रदर्शित


   लहान मुलांच्या भावविश्वावर आधारित असलेल्या ‘पिप्सी’ या आगामी सिनेमातील एक रंगबेरंगी गाणे, नुकतेच सोशल नेट्वर्किंग साईटवर लाँच करण्यात आले. चानी आणि बाळूच्या निरागस मैत्रीवर आधारित असलेल्या, या सिनेमातील ‘ता ना पि हि नि पा जा’ हे इंद्रधनुष्याच्या रंगाची उधळण करणारे गाणे, बालमनाला भुरळ पाडणारे आहे. लॅन्डमार्क फिल्म्सच्या विधि कासलीवाल निर्मित आणि प्रस्तुत ‘पिप्सी’ सिनेमातील या सप्तरंगी गाण्याचे लिखाण ओमकार कुलकर्णी यांचे आहे. या गाण्याची पडद्यामागील गोष्ट म्हणजे, हे गाणे बनविण्याआधीच त्याचे …

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First day Box Office collection of Youngraad and Gotya

Youngraad and Gotya

The M Town as we know is not short of movies and this Friday, it hit two films, one was  Youngraad by a national award winner filmmaker and the other was Gotya. Both the films were seen struggling over the box office. All thanks to the low promotion and meager …

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Gotya Marathi Movie Review

Gotya movie

  Gotya Movie Review : Film – Gotya Director – Bhagwan Vasantrao Pachore Star cast – Sayaji Shinde, Rajesh Shringarpure, Anand Ingale Producer : Jay Ketanbhai Somaiya Studio : Vihaan Production Pvt Ltd and Dwara Motion Pictures Story : Bhagwan Vasantrao Pachore Rating -1 Story The film is all about …

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Youngraad Marathi Movie Review

Youngraad marathi movie

Youngraad Movie Review : Movie – Youngraad Director– Makarand Mane Star cast -Chaitanya Deore, Saurabh Padvi, Savita Prabbhune, Monika Chaudhari, Shiv Wagh & Jeevan Karalkar Producer– Vitthal Patil and Gautam Gupta Studio – Vithal Patil Productions, Future Works Media & Phantom Films Rating – 2.5 Story  The film deals with …

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John Abraham ventures in M Town his debut comes with ‘Savita Damodar Paranjpe’

Savita Damodar Paranjpe

We have known John Abraham to have traversed a long way before becoming an established actor in B Town. From Media planner to a model and then an established actor. He is more known for his action films including Force, Force 2, Parmanu, Madras Cafe and the list goes. He …

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नवाझने दिल्या ‘ड्राय डे’ सिनेमाला शुभेच्छा

आनंदसागर प्रॉडक्शन हाऊस प्रस्तुत आणि संजय पाटील निर्मित, पांडुरंग जाधव दिग्दर्शित ‘ड्राय डे’ या आगामी सिनेमाच्या ट्रेलरने अल्पावधीतच प्रेक्षकांची मने जिंकली आहे. तरुणाईची मौजमस्ती आणि एका रात्रीची धम्माल गोष्ट सांगणारा हा सिनेमा १३ जुलै रोजी सर्वत्र प्रदर्शित होत आहे. ‘ड्राय डे’ सिनेमाबद्दल सिनेरसिकांच्या मनात प्रचंड उत्सुकता आहे. विशेष म्हणजे, बॉलीवूड …

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Priyanka Chopra ventures in Marathi Film again getting another film Paani

Priyanka Chopra pani

We seen the actress and global icon Priyanka Chopra venturing in M Town since past few years and have embarked upon three movies so far. As per the latest buzz, she is again all set to connect the M Town audience with her next Marathi movie called Paani. She has …

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