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Truckbhar Swapna & Dostigiri 1st Day box office collection

The M town has two movies this week, which include Truckbhar Swapna and Dostigiri. Both the films belong to average rating and average budget, well, let’s check how these films have performed on their first day starting with the former. Well,  if you talk about Truckbhar Swapna, it got a …

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Ventilator Gujarati – Fast paced family drama between life and death…

Gujrati Ventilator first official poster

With the news of National Award Winner Marathi ‘Ventilator’ appearing as an adaptation in Gujarati spreading like wildfire, the Gujarati audience is eagerly waiting for the release. The poster for the film released earlier has not only caught the attention of Gujarati families but also got them engaged in family …

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अशोक सराफ पहिल्यांदाच दिसणार ‘लव्हगुरू’च्या भूमिकेत

  सत्तर, ऐंशी आणि नव्वदीच्या दशकात मराठी सिनेसृष्टीत अनेक सिनेमांतून रोमँटिक भूमिका केलेले ज्येष्ठ अभिनेते अशोक सराफ आपल्या आगामी ‘हृदयात समथिंग समथिंग’ सिनेमात लव्हगुरूच्या भूमिकेत दिसणार आहेत. ‘हृदयात समथिंग समथिंग’ चित्रपटातल्या अशोक सराफ ह्यांच्या भूमिकेचे नुकतेच पोस्टर लाँच झाले आहे. अशोक सराफ ह्यांच्या भूमिकेविषयी चित्रपटाचे निर्माते विनोदकुमार जैन म्हणतात, “अशोक सराफ ह्यांची ओळख कॉमेडीचा बादशाह …

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Viral ‘Bhavdya’ the M Town film all set to hit the theaters soon

  The M Town is active and energetic and has all the reasons to embark upon different films and the movie ‘Bhavdya’ is all set to the the screens soon this month of August! As the film announced, it was in the discussion in the social media for several reasons …

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Pipsi and Pushpak Viman first weekend box office collection

Pipsi And Pushpak Viman Movie

Like the B Town, it was the busy Friday as well for the M Town for having two movies releasing this passed Friday. The Marathi Cinema had two movies releasing this Friday and thus attracted the audience to some extent. The films releasing this Friday in M Town included Pipsi …

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Catch Take Care Good Night (TCGN) Teaser that seems to be a New Age Thriller in M Town

Take Care Good Night

It seems that the M Town is not short of using English tag lines as their title for their films and we have yet another joining  in such a bandwagon of films. The makers of the film Take Care Good Night is back with the teaser after releasing a few …

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Re Raya Marathi Movie Review

Re Raya Marathi Movie

  Re Raya Marathi Movie Review   Star Cast : Bhushan Pradhan, Sanskruti Balgude, Hansraj Jagtap, Arun Tikekar, Nayan Jadhav & Abhijeet Chavan Producer – Ajay Kanayalal Sukheja Director – Milind Shinde Screenplay – Kiran Berad Rating – 2.0 Plot The film deals with the story of a man called …

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The Marathi Bigg Boss has got its first winner

marathi big boss

  The Bigg Boss Marathi may not have got the kind of buzz which the Salman Khan driven mainstream Bigg Boss has got all these years in the media for the obvious reason. But it started and went on air by the same Channel on its regional channel to concluded …

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31 Divas 1st Day Box Office Collection

31 Divas movie review

  The M Town film 31 Divas was the solo film to release this week, but it seemed to have a meager buzz in the media with no promotion of the film by the makers. Excepting the fact that the film had embarked with one or two posters coming out …

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The Sanjay Jadhav Directorial Marathi movie ‘Lucky’ is all set to hit the Theaters on 7th December

lucky marathi movie

The film in M Town called Duniyadari and Ye Re Ye Paisa has one thing in common, yes the director – Sanjay Jadhav, in fact he is a known name in M Town give a number of movies, which include these two as well. As per the latest buzz, he …

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